About Us


Welcome to the Philly Influencer Mixer

Bringing together Philly's blogger/influencers together to build relationships, inspire creativity, network and learn something new.  Let's support each other while having fun in the process!


Generate excitement

Influencers come network with each other to build lasting connections.  Expand your brand, mingle, learn and connect with businesses.


Close the deal

Brands connect and build relationships with fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencers.  Gain brand awareness through a highly trusted and engaged audience for your target market. 

The Start of the Philly Influencer Mixer

The Philly Influencer Mixer was founded in 2019 by a fashion blogger looking to build up the blogging community in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  After years of working in the blogging industry and with numerous Philly creatives, there was a realization that this strong sense of community was missing.   Many influencers felt the need to flock to New York, DC or other areas but who knew that we had acres of diamonds hidden in our own backyard.

In an effort to help the blogging community in the area, the Philly Influencer Mixer was created.  Starting off as a networking event and eventually turning into something much larger.


Philly Influencer Mixer Launch - May 2019

Philly Influencer Mixer Recap - May 2019

Philly Influencer Mixer Business Happy Hour - July 2019

Philly Influencer Mixer Fashion Week Recap - September 2019

Fall Philly Influencer Mixer Recap - October 2019

Philly Influencer Mixer Holiday Party - January 2020


About the Philly Influencer Mixer Founder

Davida Janae

Davida Janae runs the Philadelphia based fashion and lifestyle blog Vida Fashionista.  The former Philadelphia 76ers dancer turned blogger/influencer continues to share her affordable style and outfit inspirations believing that you should "shop smarter and not harder."

Membership Guidelines

The goal of the Philly Influencer Mixer is to have quality members who create original and consistent content.  The following should be taken into consideration for membership: 

  • Consistently publishing quality content to your website or media outlet
  • Quality and original photography
  • Actively posting content for a minimum of 90 days
  • Willingness to abide by posting requirements of the community and clients

Ready To Join?

Do you meet the membership guidelines?  Are you an influencer looking to join a community to network with?  Looking to grow and build a better blog with the support of others?